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Destination description

Baška (island of Krk, Baska Croatia) is the most famous tourist centre on the biggest Adriatic island, which position makes it the closest island to the Central European market. With its cultural heritage and offer in general, it is definitely one of the most interesting and attractive places on Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea as well as in Europe, which you can personally experience by staying in our apartments – Baska Croatia.

Baska Croatia Baska Croatia


Basic informations: Baška is situated in the tame valley, in the gulf, and surrounded with vineyards, olive groves, picturesque background of the karst Velebit mountain and the island of Prvic, which seem to protect from all sides the unique 1800 meters long pebble beach, with the sandy seabed, especially suitable for children, non-swimmers and elderly persons. The beach is rightfully known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Adriatic Sea and for a number of years it has been awarded with the “Blue flag” – the sign of purity, ecology, nature preservation and compliance with high international standards of the environment protection.

Climate: The main features of the pleasant and mild Mediterranean climate are: warm springs, hot summers, mild autumns and windy winters. Baška is among the sunniest parts of Europe with more than 2 500 hours of sunshine per year. The air temperature in summer is 24°C, whereas the sea temperature is 26°C.

Flora & fauna: There are 1 500 different plants and herbs growing under the warm Mediterranean sun, 50 of which are the island’s endemic species. The countryside is covered with medicinal herbs, making the Baška valley an exceptionally healthy environment where longevity rules. Sage, wormwood, and thyme are only some of the herbs which can be found here. Lovers of the animal world might spot indigenous species on land and in the sea, in their natural environment.

Winds: – Bura blows from the mainland to the sea and is a cold, unpredictable wind. Even though it blows mainly in winter, it can rise throughout the whole year. After bura, clear and sunny weather can be expected. The waves created by bura are short with foamy tops. – Jugo blows from the sea to the mainland. It is a humid wind accompanied by rain, producing long, beautiful and silent waves. It’s present mostly from autumn till spring. – Maestral is a pleasant summer wind. Baska Croatia


Beaches: Baška is surrounded with around thirty pebble beaches that are accessible to swimmers from all generations. These beaches can be reached either on foot or by boat. The biggest and most beautiful one is Baška’s Vela Plaža, the Big Beach, right in the centre of town, backed by bars, restaurants, pizzerias, cafés, hotels, private apartments and other tourist facilties. On the beach you can hire pedal boats, windsurfers, parasols, sunloungers and other things to help you spend an enjoyable and carefree time on the beach. In fact it was the beaches that stimulated the development of Baška’s tourism in long ago 1908 when the first bathing area was officially opened on the Island of Krk. Today, the beaches are used as they were in the previous century. The only difference being that nowadays the accompanying facilities ensure that all visitors can have a safe and worry free stay. A beach by-law laid down by the Baška Municipality sets out the way in which the beaches should be used and order maintained on them. It is against the rules to: – light fires – litter the beach – have pets on the beach or let them swim in the water – navigate a vessel in the beach area.

Blue flag: The “Vela plaža” is a natural pebbly beach, 1800 m long, which can take several thousand swimmers with ease. It’s particularly suitable for children and non-swimmers. Since 1999, the European Blue Flag has flown on Baška’s Big Beach and has become a trademark of Baška, as proof of the high quality of beach standards. The Blue Flag is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe, and symbolises a well-preserved, safe and pleasant surrounding, clean sea and coast, and a beach that is well maintained, with a well developed system for management of the area.


Happening in Baska Croatia

BLACK SHEEP: This is a sporting-cultural-gastronomic event, which is traditionally held in Baška at the beginning of May. The “Black Sheep” programme is rich, full of variety and free to all visitors. The entire event is dedicated to the unique Baška sheep. The programme offers all sorts of sporting activities, such as the Corinthia cup regatta for Laser and Optimist classes, hiking on the nearby famous Baška trails, bike races, and other events. The cultural programme includes interesting lectures about the sea and outer-space, theatre productions, capella and folklore performances, and entertainment groups. The gastronomic part of the programme is dedicated to tasting Baška lamb, which is prepared in a variety of different ways. During the event the whole town is festooned with decorations, and open-air presentations of ancient Baška cooking, as well as sheep shearing, are organised for visitors.

FISHING DAY: is a traditional event that was held in Baška for the first time in 1910, and involved a fishing net pulling competition on the beach. Today it is an event that is mainly organised for tourists, and is held every year at the beginning of August. On fishing day, guests are offered an abundance of folklore events and parties.

FOLKLORE GATHERING “ZASOPIMO, ZATANCAJMO”: KD ŠOTO from Baška traditionally organises a folklore and capella gathering under the title of “Zasopimo, zatancajmo”. This is held annually in the month of September. The gathering includes a large number of folklore groups from the Island of Krk, as well as from the whole County, and Croatia. The aim of the gathering is to preserve and nurture the cultural heritage of the municipality of Baška. Guests have the chance to witness and learn more about the roots of folklore and the beauty of this cultural heritage.

Tourism services

Wellness: Enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere enhanced by aromatic essential oils in the Wellness Centre in Hotel Corinthia. The Centre offers different programmes and treatments: recreation and work-outs in the fitness centre or pool, relaxation in saunas and Jacuzzis, facial and beauty treatments ranging from classical to oriental, different types of massage, aromatherapy, spa sauna, and other.

  • WELLNESS BAŠKA Tel. +385 51 656 825 Fax. +385 51 856 880

Tourist attractions

Aquarium Baška: The Baška AQUARIUM – is located in the city centre at an area of about 200 m2. In a pleasantly arranged Aquarium interior there are 20 glass tanks to keep more than 100 fish species of the Adriatic sea /like a shark, catshark, moray/ and 400 kind of shellfish and snails in an environment similar to the natural one. The Baška AQUARIUM is one of the richest collections of a shellfish and snails in Croatia. Stjepana Radica 26, 51523

Cave Biserujka: The fact there is a cave in the vicinity of the village of Rudine above the Slivanjska cove has been known for over a hundred years. It`s entrance used to be a simple hole in the ground. Since then it has been a source of immagination thanks to its beauty and calcine ornamentation. According to a legend smugglers hid a pearl treasure in the cave and that`s why it`s called Biserujka (biser in Croatian means a pearl). The first adventureous explorers started gradual widening of its narrow passages to allow visitors to move through it more freely. The instalation of electric light brought significant increase of interest in the Biserujka cave, because visitors could easily admire its rich galleries filled with numerous stalactites, stalagnites and calcine pillars. The cave`s length (aprox. 110 meters), spaciousness, beauty and interesting sedimented forms are truly breathtaking. The temperature in the cave is between 10 and 13°C all year around and occasional leaks and moisture occure only after long periods of rainy wheather. The footpaths leading to the cave are well-maintained and safe for all visitors including children and elderly. The Biserujka cave is one of the many cultural and natural attractions of the island of Krk. It is located on the northwest part of the island therefore it`s convenient both for guests of Krk island and the Crikvenica riviera.


Activity and leisure holidays

There are good sports facilities in Baška, for all those fond of sports and recreation. At the Zablaće Sports Centre, you can play football, table tennis, tennis and mini-golf. For lovers of the sea, the town provides ideal conditions for underwater activities, as well as for water skiing, windsurfing, rides on banana lifts and so on.

Diving: Diving is definitely one of the most attractive water sports. The exceptionally clean and rich sea provides unforgettable moments for lovers of the underwater world.

  • TIRONI G&R d.o.o. “RARE BIRD” Kricin 12 tel: ++385 51 856 536; fax: ++385 51 860 170 e mail:
  • TAUCHBASIS DELPHIN d.o.o., Draga bašćanska 38 tel: +385 51 880 233; fax: ++385 51 880 234 e mail:
  • SQUATINA DIVING, Zarok b.b. tel. ++ 385 51 856 034; fax: ++385 51 864 077 e mail:

Hiking trails: The craggy coastal landscape in the surrounding area of Baška is captivating and attracts many visitors. In order for lovers of mountain heights to be able to enjoy walking and hiking in the countryside, the tourist trails of Baška have been tidied up and signposted. There are a total of 19, which have a total length of over 80 km. There are both easy and difficult demanding trails, so that everyone can choose a trail according to their abilities, desires and mood. When you reach the peaks, you will be offered a breathtaking view from one of the beautiful viewpoints. For safety reasons, it is good to have a map of the paths that describes them and offers useful relevant information. These maps also tell walkers what they can expect on their trip. At the end of the trail that takes you to Vela Luka, you can treat yourself to lunch at the snack bar on the beautiful beach in the most attractive bay in the surrounding area. Have a good time on the hiking trails of Baška, and don’t forget to take your camera. Look after the environment too, so other visitors can enjoy these natural beauties as well.  Interactive map

Baska climbing area: The Baška climbing area forms a part of what is on offer in terms of active holidays, and can be enjoyed by all generations. Thanks to the natural and climatic conditions, high cliffs surround Baška that are a real treat for fans of free climbing. In Baška there are two climbing areas: BUNCULUKA and PORTAFORTUNA. Bunculuka is a small attractive climbing area located in the Naturist Camp Bunculuka. There are 6 climbing routes that cannot be expanded further, but it is attractive enough for an afternoon of climbing after relaxing and swimming on the beach. It is not working at the moment due to renovations. The PORTAFORTUNA climbing area is located at the natural barrier of vertical rock in the valley of Baška. At the moment 6 routes are being made, and the climbing area is expected to open in May 2008.

Tennis: Baška has fully equipped tennis courts.

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