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Punat - Islan Krk Croatia - Apartments rental

Punat is a small town situated on the east coast of Puntarska draga (Puntar Bay), on the south coast of the Island of Krk, only 8 km from the Town of Krk.

Signs of inhabitation have been observed since the prehistoric times, including Illyric, Greek and Roman eras. It is believed that the name Punat originates from the Latin word Pons, meaning bridge, because a bridge once possibly existed here, connecting the narrow passage into Puntarska draga from the south. The name itself was first mentioned in written documents in 1377.

The economic base once comprised agriculture, olive growing, fishing, sheep breeding and shipbuilding, especially with wood; presently, the prevailing activity is tourism, especially nautical tourism, in addition to trade. The former activities that survived are fishing and sheep breeding, and almost each family is engaged in olive growing.

In front of the town, in the central part of the shallow bay, lies the woody islet of Košljun. Punat – once a renowned shipyard for wooden boats and headquarters to a powerful steamship company – is now a popular tourist destination, thanks to the appreciation of the excursion/tourist values of the islet of Košljun and one of the largest and best-equipped tourist marinas on the east coast of the Adriatic.

Thanks to the marina’s year-round operation and events such as the Croatia Cup regatta and Olive Days, Punat receives foreign visitors even after the end of the season. Improved beaches and parks, rich vegetation, hotels, guesthouses, holiday houses, the Punat Marina – home port to all those enjoying the beauties of the Croatian sea and islands – sports and recreation options (sailing, diving, skiing, windsurfing, tennis, aqua park, miniature golf, hiking, boccie), homemade food offered in numerous taverns and restaurants, and the cultural offer (especially on the islet of Košljun) make Punat a highly visited tourist center.

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Apartmani PUNAT – Dijana

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Pansion PUNAT – Pape

Punat is situated in the south part of the Island of Krk, in one of the most beautiful and protected bays in the Adriatic – Puntarska draga. Punat lies around 30 km from the Krk Bridge and around 8 km south of the Town of Krk. You should turn right to get off the main road running along the Island of krk from Omišalj and Baška at the Chapel of St. Dunat, situated in the north of Puntarska draga.

The charm of the simple seaside ambience in Punat comes from the small stone houses cramped in the narrow streets (the so-called kale) in the old town core, and the primeval whiteness of the countless gravelly beaches surrounding Puntarska draga. The town has a population of 1800.

Almost every single visitor staying in Punat will visit the islet of Košljun, preserving a treasure of the Croatian cultural heritage within the confines of the Franciscan Monastery.

Punat is among the leading nautical tourism centers on the Croatian coast, popular among navigators for the PUNAT Marina, the oldest and one of the leading marinas in the Adriatic, also containing a shipyard.

Punat is surrounded by olive groves producing the widely renowned Punat olive oil, which is not merely a food, but also a medicine if properly dosed.

Stara Baška is situated in the south part of the Island of Krk, its climate resembling that in Punat. Clean sea, a series of beautiful beaches along coast, peace and quiet, inviolate nature. The town is very old – it was recorded in the 14th century under the name of Kraj. The present name Stara Baška has been used since the second half of the 17th century.

This wild, yet tame landscape is suitable for family tourism free of crowds and crammed beaches. The hardworking locals have built houses for rent, family guesthouses, and restaurants offering fresh fish, very tasty lamb and delicious sheep cheese with homemade honey enriched with sage and other healing herbs. Those who like to stay in nature will find the well-equipped auto-camp Škrila at the very entrance to the town. This beautiful part of the Island of Krk invites you to come rest and relax here with its clean sea, dolphins, the smell of salt, stone fences, small intimate beaches, sheep, and strong branches of fig trees providing their fruit in August.

Punat and Stara Baška are popular for their beautiful beaches situated in the immediate vicinity of the town and only accessible by boat. Punat has its town beach within Puntarska draga (Punat Bay), suitable for children and seniors, with improved access to the sea, shallow water and protective barriers for the bathers. As soon as you leave the bay, you will find gravelly beaches – a landmark of our island. The beaches are numerous and a bather will always find a spot, while the leisure time can be spent on sporting activities offered on the beach (water sports, beach volley, windsurfing, ski-lift, paragliding, jet ski, aqua park…).
Visitors to Punat arriving by a vessel will find the coves between Punat and Stara Baška interesting for the wonderful secluded gravelly beaches and crystal-clear sea. You can reach them by a taxi boat from the harbor. Peace and quiet prevail in an intact nature. Make sure you try bathing early in the morning when the first rays of sun shine down upon the crystal-clear sea. A truly unique experience!

Stara Baška, situated only 9 km from Punat, is the place popular for its beaches, visited by numerous tourists. Anyway, take a look at our photos and see for yourself…

Smooth transition from concrete to gravelly beaches

Gravelly beaches at the edge of the bay; the little Punat train will get you there

An isolated gravelly beach – near the Škrila Camp in Stara Baška

Secluded white beaches reachable by taxi boats

A beach at the Konobe Naturist Camp

Pearly beaches between Punat and Stara Baška – Biškupići

A detail from the famous Oprna beach in Stara Baška

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